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We are seeking four full-time PTs, new grads are welcome to apply. We are looking for both general orthopedic musculoskeletal providers as well as We are looking for general orthopedic and musculoskeletal providers who desire to practice the breadth of our professional scope and engage in lifestyle medicine coaching. The ideal candidate should have a desire to engage a treatment philosophy that understands that therapeutic alliance and a focus on patient beliefs about how the body heals is the cornerstone of long-term outcomes.

Clinics are located in Phoenix, Gilbert-Chandler, Prescott, Scottsdale and Casa Grande, AZ.



Evidence informed care matters.

Developing clinical expertise matters.

Clinical learning environments & mentoring matters.


Rapport & therapeutic alliance directly impact outcomes.

The soft skills of patient rapport are a teachable skill set.

Coaching patients into their best future selves is rewarding.


Professional & personal fulfillment are proportional.

Work-life balance is possible when it is valued.

Personal growth should be a way of life.

"We believe in creating a future where experts have the freedom to treat like experts, get paid like experts, and are respected as experts."

~Dr. Sean Flannagan


  • You are a passionate, fun-loving physical therapist who wants to work in a forward-thinking private practice.

  • You have excellent interpersonal communication skills, and appreciate feedback and coaching.

  • You are driven to grow your clinical reasoning and intervention skill set.

  • You enjoy learning from and teaching others.

  • You are accountable for your actions and your outcomes.

  • You show initiative and perseverance and approach life with a problem-solving mindset.

  • You hold yourself to high standards and drive yourself to get the best results.

  • You want to be part of an organization where core values are upheld and the culture is invigorating.

  • You have an open mind and are willing to step up to a challenge.

  • You desire a growth culture that thrives on personal and professional development.

  • You bring positivity to your role and affirm your team members.

  • You love to serve your patients, your peers, and everyone you influence.

  • You are not afraid of sales . . . sales to you is helping people make good choices.

  • You are coachable.

If this sounds like you, can you also tick these boxes?

  • You are coachable. (Yes this is listed twice on purpose.)
  • You are or will be, licensed to work in Arizona.
  • You desire to work in a culture that is DRIVEN to produce EXTRAORDINARY results to positively IMPACT the lives of everyone we SERVE.




#1 is our coaching culture . . . if you have all the answers, you are not a good fit for us.

  • Every team member, from senior staff to new hires, comes to work daily to improve themselves first, others second.
  • Every day is an opportunity to be sown into and to sow into others.
  • You are either growing and improving or stagnating and dying in your personal and professional life . . . we are here to support your growth.

Employment options: Designed for the new graduate or frustrated professional that wants to accelerate their learning through structured curricula and long-term or short-term mentorship. Mentorship is best the catalyst to growth.


  1. Accredited Orthopedic Residency Program through A.T. Still University (Learn more here.)

  2. In-house OA Residency with OA Residency Team.

  3. In-house Mini-Residency with mentoring.

Onboarding (Required of all new hires. Hours will include theory, observation, practice, and mentoring sessions.)

  • 3 hours of rapport-building strategies aimed at building therapeutic alliance and how to become a trusted authority with patients.

  • 3 hours of coaching success strategies to maximize your success within our culture.

  • 3 hours of habit and lifestyle coaching methods to facilitate lifestyle and habit change with your patients.

  • 3 hours of signature systems training so you have the confidence in determining and communicating prognosis with patients based on their unique presentation and complexity.

  • 3 hours of documentation AND billing training to ensure compliance and confidence. This includes how to navigate the nuances of medico-legal cases.

  • 5 hours of initial evaluation training and flow with specific training on creating a therapeutic alliance, future pacing, and presenting your solution to the patient.

  • 5 hours of communication and objection training so you can lead patients with confidence and professional integrity.

  • 10 hours of OA treatment standards of evaluation, pain pattern recognition, body chart utility/value, pain neurosciences, and clinical reasoning.

On-going clinical reasoning and skills development opportunities:

  • Weekly residency sessions with clinical staff.
  • Weekly scheduled one-on-one meetings with a senior staff member to hold you accountable and to help guide clinical development.
  • Periodic offsite skills sessions with in-house and visiting experts (2-4 per year).

Continued Education & Learning Opportunities (To be completed over 1-3 years.)

Dry Needling Certification (Cert. DIN) through the Hobbs Masters Needling Series (DIN-1 and DIN-2). Includes free membership to the AACP. (Paid for 100% by OneAccord. $2,473.00 value.)

Advanced Dry Needling Courses (2 Days Each, $899.00/course.): (75% of tuition paid by OneAccord)

  • DIN-3 Adv. Systemic DIN for Sports
  • DIN-3 Adv. DIN for Chronic Pain
  • DIN-3 Adv. Systemic DIN for Pelvic Health
  • DIN-3 Adv. Structural DIN for Pelvic Health

Manipulation Series through Institute of Manual and Integrative Therapy. (Paid for 100% by OneAccord, $1,875.00 value.)

  • MS-A: Spinal Manipulation + Advanced Cervicothoracic
  • MS-B: Spinal Manipulation + Advanced Thoracolumbar
  • MS-C: Extremity Manipulation

Advanced Sports Diploma Courses ('22-23'): (50% of tuition paid by OneAccord.)

  • MIT-B Upper Limb Rehab/Performance Masterclass by Ian Gatt (UK), The Boxing Physio. Elite upper limb expert and physio for Team GB and Team Anthony Joshua, (Olympic and Professional Double World Champion).
  • MIT-C Lower Limb Rehab/Performance Masterclass by Johnny Wilson (UK), Renowned sports physiotherapist and editor of "A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Physiology and Injury Management: An interdisciplinary approach."
  • MIT-D Sports & Performance Psychology by Dr. John Pates (UK), Performance Psychologist, with 12+ years of PGA/Ryder Cup Experience. (Understanding performance psychology to impact you and your clients for change and performance.)

Specialty Courses:

  • The Neck: Clinical Rehabilitation, Chris Worsfold (UK) (Partially paid for by OneAccord.)
  • Others are to be announced.

Full-time professionals receive a $1500.00 continuing education reimbursement fund per year and are given 3 additional continuing education leave days per year.



Mini-Onboarding Training which effectively teaches professionals how to build rapport, therapeutic alliance, and buy-in during the initial evaluation, within sessions, at re-evaluations, and post-discharge.

Patient onboarding video system future paces and primes patients for expert care and high levels of engagement and coaching.

Patients and therapists interact within a digital communication app for education, programming, and communication.

Patient education is supported through a digital learning platform.

Patient discharge engagement strategies are automated to facilitate a long-term provider-patient relationship.

Our systems focus on getting patients better vs. just feeling better.

Personality styles training and coaching to better understand and communicate with your peers and patients.

Ai driven notes platform that makes the frustration and busy work of notes a thing of the past . . . this will blow you away and make life easier for you professionally and personally.



Work-Life Balance, Mindset, & Coaching Training/Mentoring:

  1. Work-Life Balance Series by one of Australia’s Top Performance Coaches, Ben Elliott (Learn more about Ben Elliott here.)
  2. Mindset Coaching by Ronnie Doss, Mindset coach to NASA, AT&T, US Air Force, Zoom, and many more. (Learn more about Ronnie Doss here.)

You will learn strategies to create:

  • Daily routines, habits, and the mindset needed for success and to reduce or eliminate stress responses from your life.
  • Objection handling skills to help empower people to make informed decisions.
  • Reframing strategies to help patients become unstuck and engage the rehab process fully.
  • Coaching skill-sets to help facilitate behavior and lifestyle changes.
  • Documentation efficiency strategies so you get it done at work and not at home.
  • Understanding of personality types and differences. Free test for yourself and your spouse.

OA Meeting Rhythms is a key component of our success.


  • Every employee has a scheduled weekly one-on-one meeting with a supervising senior staff member. (Ensures you are heard, guided, and engaged.)
  • We have a weekly company-wide meeting to help the entire company lock arms and stay in alignment.
  • Weekly hands-on lab sessions with clinical staff.


  • Performance Coaching Session with Ben Elliott.
  • Mindset Coaching with Ronnie Doss.
  • Monthly clinic-specific updates from clinic operations managers.

Company-wide financial status meetings twice a year.

  • We practice open-book management and want you to understand how we make decisions.
  • You will understand your own metrics and how they impact your individual success, as well as, how they contribute to our organizational success.

Yearly performance reviews include:

  • Core-Value Evaluation & Growth Plan (Behaviors).
  • Key Performance Indicators & Implementation Plan (Results).
  • Professional Development Plan. (We want to tap into your desires and genius to make us all better.)


  • Patient load: Our average therapist sees 52-56 patients per week. (Compare that to an average outpatient clinic where 65/wk is the standard to even start receiving a bonus.)

  • Two+ weeks of leave per year growing to over 6+ weeks a year (over time with all the other time off we give, you actually only work 10.5 months per year.)

  • 1 PTO day for birthday + Holiday pay.

  • 3 continuing education leave days per year.

  • Health/Vision/Dental benefits are covered at 80% for full-time employees.

  • Bonus structure based on delivering expert care and coaching vs. traditional physical therapy (this is not based on volume like in every other clinic.)

  • Ask about 401K matching.

  • $1500 of continued education reimbursement per year.

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